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Ms. Erica Edmonson, a teacher in Houston's Third Ward, found that many of her students were unfamiliar with healthy eating habits and had no taste for fresh produce. She then learned of Urban Harvest's garden education in schools. It changed her classroom forever!

Here's what Ms. Edmonson told Urban Harvest:

"The Urban Harvest program…has given our scholars an excitement for healthy eating. I have watched each student take joy in working in the garden. Some have taken vegetables home to their families and even going as far as to plant their own gardens at home!"

Unfortunately, every year, approximately 45 more schools and teachers need our help, yet we are unable to provide these garden programs due to lack of resources and funding.

We can only reach more teachers and students with your ongoing support through our Sustainable Supporters group. Make small monthly gifts, as little as $10 or $20 each month, automatically on your credit card.

It is easy and convenient on your budget. And it means that we'll be able to plan ahead, knowing that the funds will be there to continue offering our programs and services to encourage community, good nutrition, and sustainability through the teaching and support of organic gardening.

Your monthly gift, combined with other Sustainable Supporters, will make a huge difference to teachers like Ms. Edmonson and her students. It means they'll be able to taste fresh, seasonal foods in school and take those lessons home to their families.

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