Urban Harvest has a long history of growing community.

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Meet J.D. & Destiny. This is how Urban Harvest brought them together in Houston's Third Ward.

As a child in Yoakum, Texas, J.D. Green was taught to garden by his parents; that was how they ate.

In 1985, J.D. and fellow Third Ward residents became aware that elderly neighbors were going hungry every month. Their solution was to grow a garden.

Alabama Gardens now encompasses 56 garden beds that feed the Third Ward and beyond.

Blackshear Elementary is within walking distance of Alabama Gardens. In 2014, Mrs. Edmonson, a science teacher, planted a school garden with Urban Harvest to teach her class about ecology, eating well and nature's food web. Destiny, a third grader, uses cucumbers and carrots from the garden to make salads with her mom.

This year, Urban Harvest created a partnership between Alabama Gardens and Blackshear.

Now J.D. and Destiny are working together. Destiny finds in J.D. a teacher and a mentor. J.D. finds in Destiny an eager pupil.

Together they are creating a more vibrant Third Ward.

Your donation of $250 will provide materials for building a garden bed and ensure that the traditions of community commitment and healthy eating are passed down from one generation to the next.

74 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to programming.

Urban Harvest, a non-profit started in 1994, encourages community, good nutrition and sustainability through the teaching and support of organic gardening. We envision a healthier city where everyone has access to locally grown, nutritious food harvested from sustainable community gardens and farms.


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